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Thank you -visited my page.

I'm a natural blonde with velvet skin .. I would be very happy to meet and enjoy the beautiful moments with you.
I like to play. . I experienced.
I dress - stylish and fashionable. I love high heels ... Beautiful underwear ....
Your fantasies - will become reality .... And I'll be very happy ...
I like to travel!
Mutual pleasure in hot passionate live game
My program is very rich .........
I am waiting for you with hot kisses...

100 % Independent


My working hours are from 10 am to 12 pm


(heart) my services ::::::::

Full programma: Without extras
Full programma: No extras

   Incall.                        Outcall (+taxi)

30 min - 100 €.            is not provided
45 min - 150 €.            is not provided

1 h -      200 €.            250 €       
2 h. -     300 €.            400 €
3 h. -     400 €.            500 €
       night ( 7h.) -       1000€.                                                                              We work in duet with my beautiful girlfriend Angelina
1 h. -    300  €


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  • GFE
  • Deep throat
  • Lesbian show
  • Domination
  • Strapon
  • Toys
  • Golden shower
  • Swingers
  • Massage
  • BDSM
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  • Squirt
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  • Masturbation
  • Ball Licking and Sucking
  • Prostate Massage
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By jonSnow
Meeting Date 2017-01-04
Duration 60 min
City Heraklion
Look 6.5/10
Services 10/10
Communication 10/10

Margo is a very intelligent, funny, open-hearted woman that loves to suck the whole self of you. I visited her some time last winter. I did enjoy her blowjob skills and anal for quite a long time. Thats all. She is not a supermodel if you are going for her looks.

By Ilias7
Meeting Date 2017-07-06
Duration 1,0 hours
City Athens
Look 10/10
Services 10/10
Communication 10/10

Ilias7 Πολύ καλή ευγενική, συναισθηματική, τέλεια επαγγελματίας ,πολύ όμορφη δεν θα την άλλαζα με καμία άλλη ,να είσαι πάντα καλά MARGO μου θα τα ξαναπούμε!!!!!!!!!

By akis
Meeting Date 2017-02-10
Duration 60 min
City Chania
Look 9/10
Services 10/10
Communication 8/10

πολυ ωραια γυναικα ψηλη με καμπυλες με τρομερο στηθος δεν λεει οχι σε τιποτα..πολυ ευχαριστη συναντηση!!!τρομερο σοσιαλ κοινωνικη ευχαριστη και στο κομματι σεξ πύραυλος!!!

By empago
Meeting Date 2017-01-13
Duration 1 hours
City Heraklion
Look 9.5/10
Services 9.5/10
Communication 9.5/10


By Mirallas-7
Meeting Date 2017-01-11
Duration 30 min
City Volos
Look 8.5/10
Services 9/10
Communication 9.5/10

Υπέροχο μιλφακι..την χρωςταω Την κριτική..τελειος κωλος,μαύρο στριγκακι..σωματαρα και πίπα χωρίς χέρι..όλων μέσα..δεν αντέχεις πολύ με αποτέλεσμα την έκρηξη..από στάσεις λόγω χρόνου δεν κάναμε πολλά πράγματα..περισσότερο προκαταρκτικά..αρκετά επικοινωνιακή..γελάσαμε αρκετά..καλή χρόνια!

By calahan
Meeting Date 2016-12-17
Duration 2 hours
City Volos
Look 10/10
Services 10/10
Communication 10/10

An experience to remember, with a real woman that combines looks, body and good character. Very active and teasing, great social time and no rush about time. Definitely recommended. Kisses, the Doctor.

By diomanofkos 2
Meeting Date 2016-04-08
Duration 180 min
City Athens
Look 10/10
Services 10/10
Communication 10/10

I have met Margo many times before and once again she was fantastic.She is tall, with fantastid D breasts, natural, a great shaped ass, beautiful smooth skin and most importaqntly a beautiful and sweet face with sexy thick lips and interesting eyes. She visited my hotel room in central Athens, entering my room with a happy smile and a sexy kiss, and as I requested she bought with her a great array of sexy underwear with her. At the end of the session I was completely worn out, but completely satisfied. She started with a sexy dance for me, and my cock stood immediately to attention, and after her dance she proceeded to kiss me starting from my mouth and slowly the rest of my body and finally reaching my throbbing cock. She is so talented, unlike others who jack off your cock with their hands and lick and spit, Margo teases you with her expert tongue driving you crazy and slowly brings you to climax. When I shot my load in her hot mouth, she looked at me sexily and smiling , swallowed, and then opened her lips to show me that she took all my come, and there was a lot of it. After a small break and some passionate kissing, we got into a 69. She has such a sweet pussy that I can never get enough of kissing it. She came as I licked her and then begged me to make love to her, which I did doggy style. Guys, she has such a great ass, and looking at her puckering asshole, i shoved a finger in and thats when we both came together. After another break and a relaxing and stimulating massage, she took me between her expert lips making me hard as steel and then rode me cowgirl style putting me in her tight ass, making it possible for me to finger her pussy and clitoris and again make her come, and it was so intense. After a sexy shower together she got down on her knees in front of me and after some fantastic oral she lathered up her fantastic D breasts and trapped my cock between me for a mind blowing tit fuck, all the while looking at me in the eyes and begging for me to come in her face, which I obliged her with. She swallowed most of it again, and after we showered, we went back to bed for a drink. I honestly thought that was it for the evening, but she teased me and we did it again for a fifth time, actually making slow love in missionary style. She is so beautiful and has such a friendly smile that you cannot get enough of her. Because of the late time she arrived at the hotel, she stayed in my bed and as she had no other appointment, slept with me. Some time during the early hours of the morning, i woke up thinking I was having a sexy dream only to realize that she had woken up and had decided to surprise me with an early morning blowjob. Wow she has energy and after waking up my hard member she rode me and I came for a sixth time. After the age of 50, I never thought I could do it 6 times and survive, but thats the type of babe she is. I totally recommend her guys, with her you dont need Viagra. She is a sexy beast and a lovely and thoughtful person. Treat her like her lady and she will treat you like a man.

By Lord_Raiden
Meeting Date 2015-12-11
Duration 1 hours
City Athens
Look 10/10
Services 10/10
Communication 10/10

Θα ήθελα να αναφερθώ συμπληρωματικά και σήμερα στην εκπληκτική εμπειρία μου με την Μάργκο, για να μην παρεξηγηθώ, καθότι το προηγούμενο κείμενο ήταν πολύ πλατωνικό. Όχι πως δεν εξελίχθηκαν έτσι τα πράγματα, αλλά υπάρχουν κάποιες ερωτικές στιγμές και σκηνές στις οποίες δεν αναφέρθηκα. Ξεκινάω όταν άνοιξε η πόρτα και είδα μια γυναίκα που τα είχε όλα. Τα δαντελωτά της εσώρουχα, τα οποία μου έδειχνε προκλητικά καθώς μιλούσαμε, ήταν ικανά να με ανάψουν από μόνα τους. Η Μάργκο όντως έχει μια αδυναμία στα εσώρουχα, όπως γράφει στο προφίλ της και αυτό φαίνεται. Σήκωσε την φούστα της και φάνηκε το πλούσιο πολύ σφιχτό κωλαράκι της. Πλέον δεν χρειαζόμουν καν τα προκαταρκτικά. Μου έβγαλε κάτι άγριο και ερωτικό την ίδια στιγμή. Ήθελα να μπω μέσα της καθώς θα μου κουνούσε το κωλαράκι της. Ήθελα να της βάλω δάχτυλο και να την γλύψω παντού από το τέλειο στήθος της και τις αισθησιακές της ρώγες μέχρι τα δάχτυλα από τα πόδια της. Το έκανα, φώναζε, και όσο φώναζε τόσο πιο πολύ μπαινόβγαινα μέσα της. Έπιανα το στήθος της, την πλάτη της, χάιδευα από πίσω τις ρώγες της, έβαζα δάχτυλο στο κωλαράκι της που ήταν σφιχτό και μούσκεμα από τα υγρά της που την είχαν πλημμυρίσει. Ήθελα να τελειώσω πάνω της παντού, μα προτίμησα το κωλαράκι της. Όταν θα ξαναϊδωθούμε θα μου είναι πολύ δύσκολο να αποφασίσω πού να χύσω, γιατί θέλω να το κάνω παντού πάνω της και μέσα της

By Lord_Raiden
Meeting Date 2015-12-10
Duration 1 hours
City Athens
Look 10/10
Services 10/10
Communication 10/10

Είχα την τιμή και ευτυχώς τον χρόνο να αρχίζω να γνωρίζω την Μάργκο σαν γυναίκα και όχι σαν αντικείμενο πόθου! Ίσως η ιδιοσυγκρασία έτσι απαιτεί πρώτα, αλλά το αποτέλεσμα ήταν το ίδιο! Την γνώρισα σαν γυναίκα και έκανα έρωτα σε μια γυναίκα! Να το εξηγήσω κάπως καλύτερα αυτό! Όπως οι περισσότεροι θα ξέρετε και σίγουρα ορισμένοι πολύ καλύτερα από μένα, υπάρχουν τα 20χρονα που κάνουν αυτή την δουλειά στα Studios και κοιτάνε να σου πάρουν τα 50 Ευρώ! Το θέμα είναι και να ήθελαν να αποκτήσουν τον επικοινωνιακό τρόπο της Μάργκο δεν θα μπορούσαν, γιατί αυτές οι κοπέλλες δεν έχουν ψυχή! Δεν μπορείς να κάνεις έρωτα χωρίς μια κουβέντα, ένα ποτό και ένα αστείο! Όλα αυτά τα προσφέρει η Μάργκο άπλετα με τον φοβερά επικοινωνιακό της χαρακτήρα! Διάβασα τα σχόλια και άλλων φίλων εδώ μέσα περί σεξουαλικών στάσεων, εκτονόσεων κτλ! Δεν αντιλέγω όλα αυτά υπάρχουν, αλλά καλύτερα να πούμε πως συνεπάγονται μιας εκρηκτικής, επικοινωνιακής και γεμάτης πάθος γυναίκας που μιλάει για την Ελλάδα και λάμπει το πρόσωπό της! Η Μάργκο είναι ακριβώς αυτό μια λάμψη που περνάει από την ζωή σου και από τα μάτια σου και εκεί που όλα είναι σκοτεινά, έστω και μια ώρα μαζί της αρχίζεις και πιστεύεις πάλι στους ανθρώπους που δεν σε βλέπουν για πελάτη, αλλά ως προσωπικότητα! Μάργκο σε ευχαριστώ μέσα από την καρδιά μου για την ώρα που μου χάρισες! Ελπίζω στο μέλλον να περάσουμε πολλές ακόμα ώρες, όχι απαραίτητα στο κρεββάτι, αλλά συζητώντας, μιλώντας και γελώντας!

By masistas69
Meeting Date 2015-05-01
Duration 120 min
City Athens
Look 8.5/10
Services 10/10
Communication 10/10

Margo is a very good professional and is worth her money! She came to my flat and, from the first moment, she was smiley and pleasant!
We communicated very well during the entire meeting! she started giving me oral sex after a few minutes, exciting me very much!

i enjoyed sex with her very much! She was constantly kissing me and, trying her pussy, i have to say it is very sweet and delicate!
She kept me excited during sex and i enjoyed it very much! She is clean, well-built, she has great tits and her oral sex is fantastic!

i enjoyed it with her and recommend her undoubtedly! I will meet her again for sure!

Thank you sweet Margo! I hope you enjoyed me as much as i enjoyed you!

By nikzor
Meeting Date 2015-03-02
Duration 2 hours
City Athens
Look 8.5/10
Services 10/10
Communication 10/10

Αν και η πρώτη ματιά με απογοήτευσε (λίγο πιο ογκώδης από την φωτογραφία) γρήγορα με κέρδισε με τις υπηρεσίες της και την μεταξύ μας επικοινωνία. Αν και η συνάντηση είχε κανονιστεί για 2 ώρες, μείναμε πολύ περισσότερο, αφού και οι δύο περνούσαμε καλά. Σίγουρα θα την συναντήσω ξανά.

By diomanofkos
Meeting Date 2015-03-29
Duration 1 nights
City Athens
Look 10/10
Services 10/10
Communication 10/10

I said she is addictive. Another meeting with sexy Margo, this time all night. What can I say, she had me up literally all night. I have never come so much in my life. That beutifully shaped ass of her, those tender lips on my mouth or around my penis was pure magic. And again she swallowed me from orgasm to orgasm. Fantastic! And again she made me cum between those fantastic natural tits. Heaven!
Thank you my love for a fantastic night. Hope to see you soon. Kisses.

To eipa pos einai ethixi. Alli mia foveri sinantisi me tin sexy Margo, touti ti fora gia olokliro vradi. Ti na po, me eiche sikomeno olo to vradi. Toso poli den echo chisi pote. To fantastico tis kolaraki, ta apala tis cheili sto stoma mou i ston poutso mou itan mageia. Kai pali me katapine apo orgasmo se orgasmo. Fantastico! Kai pali men ekane na chiso anamesa apo tis fisikes tis vizares. Paradeisos!
Se efcharisto agapi mou gia ena fantastico vradi. Elpizo na se do sintoma. Filakia.javascript:void(0);

By diomanofkos
Meeting Date 2015-03-03
Duration 2 hours
City Athens
Look 10/10
Services 10/10
Communication 10/10

Another unforgetable meeting with beautiful Margo. No matter what you do with her it feels like a dream. First round and after a great 69 she makes me cum in her fantastc mouth which with me she always swallows. Small break and after some great head we go for anal in the best ass in the world. Small break and after some more head we make love in many positions and she is so inventive. After another small break she puts me between her fantastic tits and makes me explode for a 4th time. Later we dined at an Athens taverna and even our social time was fantastic. She is such an interesting person to talk with.
Guys you have to visit her and understand what i mean
Thank you once again darling Margo for giving me so much pleasure. Until our next meeting kisses.

llo ena axechasto rendevous me tin panemorfi Margo. Oti ki an maneis mazi tis einai san oniro. Protos giros me fovero 69 pou me kani na chino kai na ta katapini ola os sinithos. Mikro dialima kai meta apo protis taxis pipa kanoume anal sto kalitero kolaraki ston kosmo. Mikro dialima kai pali klarino kai meta kaname erota se para polles stasis, me polli fantasia apo tin idia. Kai to apokorifoma tis vradias sto tetarto giro, mou to vazi stis megales vizares tin kai teliono kai pali. Argotera pigame kai fagame se taverna kai sizitisame gia polli ora kati pou mou arese giati einai toso endiaferon koritsi.
Paidia, episkeftite tin gia na katalavete ti leo.
Margo mou se efcharisto gia tosi idoni kai filakia mechri tin epomeni mas sinantisi mas.

By roz panthiras
Meeting Date 2015-02-26
Duration 2 hours
City Athens
Look 10/10
Services 10/10
Communication 10/10

Η γυναίκα είναι μουνάρα.milf..ψηλή,ξανθιά ωραίο σώμα,κωλάρα και βυζάρες....η πίπα της είναι για σεμινάριο να μαθαίνουν οι καινούργιες.θα ξαναπροτιμηθεί σίγουρα.

By diomanofkos
Meeting Date 2014-12-16
Duration 120 min
City Athens
Look 10/10
Services 10/10
Communication 10/10

After 2 previous dissapointing meetings with other escort girls, i decided to try Margo. I was not dissapointed. We met at a hotel in the centre in the afternoon. When she came to my room, i was surprised as she looked even better than the photos. She is tall with a fantastic body, beautiful face and eyes and very nice breasts. What i liked even more was her smile and a cheeky look on her face before we even arranged a price. On my two previous meetings with other escorts i got a cold response. That was not the case with Margo. I am not one who likes to brag, but to be fair to her i should advertise her. The girl is amazing!!! She knows how to take care of her customers and does not get tired. She is full of energy and ready to fulfill all your requests. Her oral skills are out of this world, no matter what position you make love with her she is active and reacts in the right way to make you enjoy it even more. I was so content with our meeting and organised another meeting with her that same evening. I made a request that she bring with her some other different color lingerie, which she did and that session was even better!!!! We have since met one more time 3 weeks later. She is addictive and i love her company. Thank you darling Margo for all the pleasure you give me. To all you guys reading this message i can say: treat her like a lady and she will treat you like a man.

Meta apo 2 apogoiteftikes sinantiseis me alles 2 escort girls apofasisa na sinantiso tin Margo. Kanonisame rantevou se xenodoxeio sto kentro tp apogevma. Otan irthe sto domatio mou emeina ekpliktos, dioti itan pio omorfi kai apo tis fotografies. Einai psili me fantastiko soma, panemorfo prosopo kai matia kai poli oreo stithos. To ti mou arese akoma perisotero, itan to hamogelo tis kai ena naziariko ifos prin akoma kanonisoume timi. Stis 2 proigoumenes sinantiseis mou me alles escort girls aisthanthika mia kriada alla ohi me tin Margo. Den einai sto haraktira mou na kafhieme alla tha itan adiko na min ti diafimiza. To koritsi einai katapliktiko. Xerei na prosehei to pelati kai den kourazetai. Einai gemati energeia kai prothimi na se efharistisi. Sto stomatiko einai fantastiki, Se opoia stasii kaneis erota mazi tis antapokrinetai me sosto tropo gia na to efharistitheis kai o pisinos tis einai mourlia .Fisika kaname kapoia dialeimata gia kouventa diafora themata giati ektos apo omorfia, ehei kai mialo. Imoun toso efharitimenos apo ti sinantisi, pou kanonisa allo ena rantevou gia to idio vradi. Tis zitisa na ferei esorouha se allo hroma, kai afto to vradi itan akoma kalitero. Sinantithikame xana meta apio 3 evdomades. Mou ehei prokalesi ethixi kai latrevo tin parea tis. Se efharisto Margo gia oli tin idoni pou mou dineis. Se osous diavasoun tin kritiki mou eho na po to exis: Fertheite tin san kiria kai afti tha sou ferthei sosta.

By alexalex7340
Meeting Date 2014-12-01
Duration 2 hours
City Athens
Look 10/10
Services 10/10
Communication 10/10

Dialego tin MARGO. MOU aresi to stil tis. 5 asteron HOTEL sto kentro tin polis, evkoli sinenoisi me ena telefono. Xtipai i porta, ke beni mesa mia gomenara psili ,ksanfia, me oreo xamoigelo ke matia. Sta tu agona i kopela ine ifestio ine hot, ke ta kani ola. Ime poli ikanopiimenos. Ixame ke social time mias ke GFE. Exi poli TALENTO STO STOMATIKO. Apelpiastika agra ke basanistika - me trelane!
Perasame 2 ores poli kavla .
Sas protino na tin parete ke esis..
Ine poli SEXY -girl

Meeting Date 2014-12-17
Duration 2 hours
City Athens
Look 9.5/10
Services 10/10
Communication 10/10

Συναντηθηκαμε. Ηταν σε ξενοδοχειο στα νοτια προαστια 5 αστερων
Ανοιγω την πορτα και βλεπω ενα πάνεμορφο ξανθο πλασμα 2 μετρα, μια κουκλαρα. Εμεινα κοκκαλο, δεν πιστευα στα ματια μου.Ορμαει επανω μου και ειναι σκετη ΚΑΜΑ ΣΟΥΤΡΑ, στοματικο τελειο και ολες οι στασεις τελειες. Ελατε να προλαβετε αυτες αυτες τις ηδονικες στιγμες.
Θα ηθελα συντομα να συναντηθω μαζι της.

By nikospapas
Meeting Date 2013-12-24
Duration 1 hours
City Athens
Look 10/10
Services 10/10
Communication 10/10

vrethikame kapou sta anatolika.. mpianei mesa kai epatha sok psili ksanthia me terastio stithoskouventoula
tsigaro kai... ksekinaei to klarino kai varaei aneleito rihtmo ligo kaliteri apo ton salea sta girismata... olles tis staseis kanei.. magkes dokimaste einai katapliktiki... se euxaristw kouklara tha ta ksanapoume sigoura